The Rose-wood Transport started to operate with establishing of Rosewood company, until is registered as separately unit in 2015. Until early beginnings organization is recording success in this area of business and constant growth in amount of operations.


Currently in the Rose-wood Transport is employed 15 employee with constant tendency of growth.


Our main purpose is satisfying customers needs and wants, quality and efficiency service providing. Our fleet including 15 units with different types of vehicles from which 11 is trucks MAN with semitrailers with  capacity loading of 90 m3. There is 3 special vehicle for logs transportation, and one delivery vehicle used for transportation of smaller amount of cargo. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS systems for following. This allows us to have very precise information about time of delivery. By following high European standards of ecological criteria all vehicles are equipped with engines of EURO 6 standards.

Our experienced employees will provide high level of service in international and domestic transport. Every  day our vehicles are present in area of Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherland , Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, etc…)