Rose-wood pellet is a high quality product that is produced of high-calorie healthy part of wood without any binders, with moisture of 5-8%.

We get it 100% from beech, it has cylindrical shape and diameter of 6mm, with great mechanical strength, it is calorific fuel whose combustion leaves only 0,5% of ash. Since 2018. we have EN-A2 certificate which guarantee the quality.

Quality machines, employees and raw material guarantee and prove our quality. Because of that, our pellet is accepted and recognized on both, domestic and foreign market like Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Pellet is packed into plastic bags of 15 kg, while on one pallet you can get 975 kg or 1050 kg. Calories are 19.285KJ/kg according to BAS BS EN 14918:2009.

Because of the installed high productivity and worldwide recognized machines such as Buhler, Komptech, Haas and Mayer with capacity of 5t/h, and our laboratory for inspecting quantity-quality structure confirm that we have quality certified product.