• Massive panels

    We produce different qualities and dimensions of massive panels. Our capacity is cca 5000 m3 a year .

  • Furniture

    Currently we produce all sorts of products requested by our buyers .

  • Pellet

    Rose-wood pellet is a high quality product that is produced of high-calorie healthy part of wood without any binders, with moisture of 5-8% .

  • Briquette

    Rose-wood briquette is a high quality product that we get from dried sawdust without any percentage of binders and bark, and moisture of 5-8% .

  • Lumber

    Our sawmill produce all sorts of beech lumber and beech elements .



Our fleet including 15 units with different types of vehicles from which 11 is trucks MAN with semitrailers with  capacity loading of 90 m3

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Hydro power

From 2006 Company built 3 mini Hydro Power Plant on the river Vrbas

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Shopping Rose

The first shopping center Rose was opened in Gornji Vakuf - Uskoplje, second Rose Center in Bugojno

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What others can't do, Rose-wood can.

Batuški lug bb, Gornji Vakuf